Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Last Day of the cruise. We have said goodbye to the Bahamas and are sailing back to Jacksonville. I have determined to make the best of it by soaking up as much skin-damaging sun as possible. It has occurred to me that I may not be as dark as my jealous co-workers will expect, and I can't let them think for a minute that I have not been enjoying every moment of the tropical weather. So, a little sunscreen (because no one is jealous of skin cancer), another cheesy romance novel, and hours of quality time with Mr. Sunshine.

Other events of interest: the ice carving demo, where a tiny Filipino guy carved a 300 lb. block of ice into the elaborate shape of the cruise ship in roughly 15 seconds, the Hairy Chest Competition (where this guy won, hands down), and the evening Show, which was a tribute to country music. (Normally, I do not care for country music, but you have to admit that it's fun to dance to, and they did a great job with the dancing. I think it was the best show they've done so far. Plus, they played "Rocky Top", so I certainly can't complain about that).

Dinner: Caesar Salad with "Hearts of Romaine Lettuce Tossed with our Caesar Dressing, Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese and Herb Croutons" and tamarind roasted prime rib of aged American choice beef, baked potato, Balsamic glazed tomatoes, and sautéed green beans & cauliflower. I haven't a clue what Tamarind is, but I do not care, because it was delicious. I'm really going to miss the stoic Dejan and friendly Svetlin. They've almost become like friends. Ones who never actually talk but are happy to see each other all the same. Dejan actually smiled today, briefly. (Maybe because he knows he's finally rid of the uncouth Americans, but still.) I admire the kind of service where the patrons know you're inwardly smirking at them, but they like you all the same. I need to be able to take that kind of lesson back to work with me.

Goodbye wonderful food! Goodbye breathtaking scenery! Goodbye charming event hosts! Goodbye food! Goodbye amusing games! Goodbye enertaining dancers! Goodbye food! Goodbye poolside lounge chair! Goodbye casino poker dealer! Goodbye food! Goodbye nightly towel animal! Goodbye exciting ports of call! Goodbye food! I will be counting the days until we are together again next year.