Got Milk?

Because who wouldn't want a picture of themselves with a milk mustache?

It was Milk Day a few weeks ago in our local Downtown Square, and what better way to avoid doing an honest day's work than to sneak out of the office and have your picture taken with your milk covered co-workers? Pay special attention to Chris's milk FuManChu on the left. That little beauty was compliments of your truly tipping the milk cup up for him "to ensure good upper lip contact". I did such a good job that it also ran down the sides of his mouth, creating a bold new statement in milk facial enhancements. (Luckily, Chris was raised not to hit girls, so I actually got away unscathed). Other partners in crime include Stevie, whose milk mustache lasted for roughly .0003 seconds before his highly advanced (or severely dehydrated) upper lip absorbed it, Jennifer (who actually doesn't like milk but went along for the ride anyway) and Jennifer (who likes milk so much, this was her second milk picture of the day). Together, we managed to steal 10 minutes of paid work time from "the Man", and get this lovely commerative picture in the process. God bless Milk Day.


Flare1424 said...

A milk fu man chu makes him look like Hulk Hogan!

Anonymous said...

Are you the one in green?

E said...