Bon Voyage suckers!

"I'm lea-ving, on a cruise ship! Don't know when I'll be back a-gain, but bay-bee, I'm-outta-here-so-fast-that-I'm-trampling-both-small-children-and-the-elderly-and-NOT-EVEN-giving-them-a-backward-glance."

That's right folks! I am OUTTA HERE! Finally, the time has come for my much anticipated, much celebrated, and most desired 5 days cruise to Key West and the Bahamas!

I have purchased my sunscreen, I have packed my bags (4 of them, because I take the boy scout motto "Be Prepared" very seriously, and you never know what you'll need when you're surrounded by nothing by ocean) and I have selflessly rubbed my jealous co-workers faces all over the brochure so that they are extra sure of how much fun I will be having all week while they slave away at work.

If I feel like making the effort to set down my umbrella drink, I may record all my merrymaking here on the blog so that all of you can also be insanely jealous of my balmy tropical paradise.
We'll see.