Grotto Falls

So in a new attempt to get my lazy butt off the couch and be marginally social, I went hiking yesterday with a group of people. They go every weekend and do day hikes up in the Smokies, and I figured, why not? It's just walking. (This is the point where the experienced hikers smirk).

Anyway, I pack my granola bars and some water, and put on my boots, and dress in layers, and do all the things that I know good hikers are supposed to do. I even put my granola bars in tupperware so that the black bears won't ambush me. And off we go.

At this point, you dear reader, are expecting me to have done something stupid, like fall off the side of the mountain, or get attacked by bears, or trip and break my leg. Well, shame on you, for having so little faith in me. I did none of those things. I did, however, realize that I am not in as good of shape as what I thought. A mile on the treadmill is HUGELY different than a mile uphill over rocks and exposed roots and rotting logs and stuff. We had gone about 100 yards and I thought I was going to die. The rest of the group is chatting about different things as they leisurely make their way up the hill, and I'm gasping like an asthmatic at a perfume testers convention. The poor guy who organizes these hikes is glancing like me like he expects me to keel over at any point. (He also looks like if I do, he's just going to roll my body off the side of the mountain and be done with it). But right about the time that I'm seriously considering just stopping and waiting for the bears to find me, I see the waterfall. It's fantastic! Like something out of Jurassic Park. (Well, maybe a smaller version of it anyway). After that, I totally forgot that I was on the brink of death. As a matter of fact, I felt fantastic! I'm not even sore today. I figure it just took my body a while to remember what physical activity feels like. Next weekend is the 8 mile hike. I can't wait.

Pictures here on Greg's official hiking site.


smc said...

I cannot wait to hear about the 6 mile hike... get to posting.

smc said...

PS- where did you get the Dartmouth sweatshirt?