Insert Olympics Theme Song Here

I know, I know, I've been off the blog. I blame my addiction to all things Olympics. I have the DVR set to record any program that even utters a word that rhymes with Olympics, so suddenly I find myself watching 10 hours of Olympic coverage EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (And as someone who can go several days without turning the thing on, all this television is making my eyes bleed. Seriously, I think I'm developing couch sores). But can I stop? Noooooo. I'm an Olympics junkie.

Here's some things I've noticed:
  • I thought the opening ceremony was lovely, just lovely. (Well, except for the one part where the giant ice statues of the four founders raised their arms "in welcome". Then they looked like giant zombies. Creeped me out a little to be honest). But the rest with the dancing? Awesome.
  • Does anyone else think that the US ski team's uniforms look like pajamas? I have a very similar pair that I purchased at the Gap a few years ago. How funny would that be if that's where they got theirs too?
  • What's with giving all the podium winners a bouquet of salad greens? I mean, they're very nice, but it's COMPLETELY GREEN! Green leaves, green mums, green berries. The Pop-Eye song, "I'm strong to the finish cause I eat me spinach" plays through my head whenever they hand out the leafy bouquets.
  • Dude! The men's figure skaters? Totally dreamy! All of them. I figure it's the look of intensity that they have. Very manly. (Well, that and the super muscular rear end that they all have. They really put the figure in figure skating!)
  • Whoever picked the music for the background stories for the athletes must have been going through my personal song collection. I swear each snippet playing behind every slow-mo jump, flip, and slide is one I have on my ipod. Someone has fabulous taste in music.
  • I think poor Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel might just come to blows with "Dr. Doppler". The other day when Jim was explaining that there was no precipitation in the air, therefore the Doppler wouldn't show anything, he looked a little stained. I don't think the "Dr. Doom" nickname helped anything either.
  • I have discovered that I somehow know all the words to "Oh Canada". (Well, not the French part, obviously, but all the parts in English). Now whenever it's time for a Canadian to compete, I find myself singing it. Loudly. I didn't even realize that I was doing this until one night when Tony yelled from another room, "Babe! We're NOT CANADIAN!"
  • Johnny Weir(d) makes me crazy. He skates beautifully, but all his comments are just ridiculous! I cringe every time I hear a sound bit of his. He's trying too hard to be outrageous and it comes off as obnoxious and phony. I just want to tell him, "You're one of the best skaters in the world...get your attention on the ice."
  • Does the snowboard team have official Olympic jeans, or can they just wear their favorite pair? Because if they just pick their own favorites, the marketing guru in me sees this as branding gold, my friend.
  • I know that the medals are all wavy on purpose this year to reflect the light and everything, but every time I see one I just want to hammer that sucker nice and flat again. (What's that you say? Anal retentive? Yes. What's your point?) I just think that if you're going to go through all the trouble of winning an Olympic medal, it'd be nice if it didn't look like it had been accidentally run over by a bus first.
You know what really makes the Olympics so awesome? The stories behind all of the athletes. The married Chinese couple who came out of retirement to win the gold in pairs figure skating. The skater who was abandoned as a baby in Brazil and then adopted by a French couple...he was discovered by his coach at a public skating rink when he was 4 years old. The second and third mortgages that the athlete's families take out so they they can continue to train. I think you root that much harder for someone when you know what they went through to get there.