Funnier than solitaire

I found Dan Washburn's Sporting Life articles by accident. I was Googling job requirements for garbage men. (No, I don't want to be a garbage man...I was trying to make a point about wages vs job demand from the viewpoint of the Industrial/Behaviorist Economist for my take home quiz. Not knowing that much about the wages of garbage men, I had to look it up). It just so happens that Dan Washburn, a columnist (at the time of his articles) in Gainesville Fl, did a piece on the day in the life of a garbage man. So I read it. And I was hooked. He writes about weird sports that he participates in, such a bull riding, and cheerleading, and redneck Olympics. (He is undeniably bad at all of them, but that's what makes it interesting). It's kind of a Human Guinea Pig kind of deal, only limited to off the wall sports (and being a garbage man). I love reading about that kind of stuff. What better way to get the feel of bull riding without the rib-crunching danger of sitting on an actual enraged bull? Have someone else do it, then describe it in an article. I love it!

And so, because Hah-vard is officially back in session for another semester, and Stepherteeties will no doubt need something to pass those mind-numbing hours while her newest professor rants about social reform for the Supreme Court Justice, I bring you Dan Washburn!