Darn you Superman!

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year for the simple fact that I am still secretly a child. I adore dressing up. Absolutely adore it. And I'm hardcore about it too. There are two rules to true Halloween costumes: 1) no one else can have the same costume (oh the embarrassment!) and 2) you have to make it yourself. I maintain that store bought costumes are cheating, and totally undermine the creativity of the season. I start planning next Halloween's costume sometime around January. Last year I was Carmen Miranda (which won the company costume contest, by the way) and the year before I was a lightening bug (complete with tap-on light taped to my rear). This year I was going to be SuperGirl. I had it all planned out, and it was going to be cute and creative, and fantastic. Then, horror of horrors, that stupid Superman movie came out, and Superman (and consequently, SuperGirl) costumes were EVERYWHERE! You can't turn around without seeing Superman stuff, which means that the number one costume this year will be Superman. Sure enough, a quick check of the generic, mass-marketed Halloween costume warehouse website (over 10,000 costumes!) shows that Superman costumes are indeed on the front page. So that idea is out. What fun is being SuperGirl if there are 5 other SuperGirls walking around. Now I am a measly 2 months away from Halloween and I HAVE NO COSTUME IDEA!