So Tony and I hooked up the old Sega Genesis (I say we, I mean he did it while I wasn't home one day) and we've gotten completely addicted to the old games. I must say, I'm still fantastic at Sonic the hedgehog. It's like riding a bike, you start playing again, and all the hidden rooms and tricks come back to you. We also have NHL Hockey 94, which is still fun after all these years. Sure, the pixilated characters are a bit rough around the edges, and the limited sound card is less than sophisticated, (the players "oomph!" when they get hit begins to sound like a bad porn video after a while) but where else can you play Quebec and Hartford? It's also something that my limited hand-eye coordination can handle, because there's only three buttons to push. My personal favorite, however, is the WWF wrestling. I'm always Hulk Hogan or The Narcissist, because those are the two that I can recognize the easiest. We played a hysterical 2 player game the other day where we were tag-teaming the Undertaker and Papa Shango, except we couldn't figure out how to tag or pin the other team, so basically we just stood around hitting and kicking (A and B buttons) until we pinned someone by accident. (We THINK it's B and C together while holding the down button, but we're not sure). Yeah, the new games are awesome to watch, and the graphics have gotten so real that they look like TV, but you need an 8 week class to learn how to play them. Give me the good old 16 bit cartridge games, where you can just sit down, randomly hit three buttons on a controller, and still score a goal in Quebec.

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Soooooo, you've seen (er, heard) a bad porn video....when???