"I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee"

Al Pacino said "Vanity is my favorite sin".

I have to admit that it seems to be the one I'm best at. I'm hoping I grow out of it when I get old and wrinkled. Until then, I'm milking it for all its worth.

Speaking of, the wedding pictures are back, and while I can't post the professional pictures due to fear of being sued for copyright infringement, I will post some amateur photos, done by Mel. (See? Giving credit where credit is due). Anyway, after this post, I'll stuff my vanity back into the closet, but for now, feel free to oooooooh and Aaaaaaah over me. Especially the hair.


Anonymous said...

you look great!!! i luv your dress!!

Steph said...

Oooooooh! Aaaaahhhhh!