Good Fences...

Today I built a bigger fence. Our existing chain link fence now sports a privacy fence gate.

And a lock and chain.

This doesn't stop someone from just going to the back of the house and jumping the fence there, but at least they can't waltz right in anymore.

I hope.


Mom of the Quirk said...

Put your statue in your flower bed, get another birdhouse and live your life like it was never violated. Don't let a thief take more than your birdhouse; your joy in being outside and playing in the yard is a passion that no one should be able to take from you. Few have that passion and it is important for you to keep it! In spite of thoughtless individuals, or even because of them, keep your quirkiness flowing out of your house and into the yard. You may never be violated again so DON'T LET THEM WIN!!!

Melissa~ said...

Wise mama.

(and also the lock thing is good...heh-heh)


elexisb said...

ha! Yes, at least a lock and chain prevents them from easily carrying anything out of the yard - they'd have to lift that patio table over the fence now, eh?!