10 on Tuesday aka Stuff That Isn't Important Enough To Get Its Own Post But I'll Tell You About Anyway

You know, I'm really starting to like doing these 10 on Tuesdays. I think I'm getting the hang of it. At least they're getting shorter anyway. Here we go:

One- It's friends of the library week for all you K-town locals. It's at the conference center in case all you bibliophiles are looking for another fix.

Two- The weather has just been fabulous lately! 60 and even 70 degree highs for the past three or four days! I love it! Of course, it'll snow tonight. That's just east Tennessee weather for you though. If you don't like it, wait 15 minutes and it will change again. No word on what to do if you DO like it and want it to stay warm and sunny though.

Three- Speaking of warm weather, I have decided to celebrate the coming of spring with a new smell. Normally, I'm not really a smeller smelly person who likes scents. Anyway, it all started when someone at Ye Ol Company brought in some foaming hand soap that smelled like coconut. I didn't notice it at first because I was lamenting what the humidity outside had done to my hair (Why didn't someone tell me I was sporting the Don King look?!) but then after I washed my hands, I couldn't help but be reminded of warm tropical air and sunscreen and ocean breezes. And I thought, "This is nice. I like this smell...I should smell like this more often." So I went out and purchased coconut shampoo and conditioner, and coconut and cucumber hand lotion. It's my way of ushering in the warm breezes of spring...even if my coworkers wonder why I keep sniffing my hands like that.

Four- Mason and Dixon turn five years old on March 19th, so I'm busy making them a homemade cat tree for a present. I know Mason will really love it, since he likes to climb on things, but I think that the scratching post part will make Dixon happy also. I don't normally make cat birthday presents, but this is really easy to do, and its a major birthday milestone, so why not? I'll post pictures of it when I'm finished because really, everybody could do it. Have a cat? You need one of these.

Five- I almost have Tony convinced about the hot tub. At first, he was like, "what? We don't need a hot tub!" but then I started telling him about how we could get a little portable one, and it doesn't require any special electrical wiring because it just plugs in to your average outlet, and RecWarehouse just happens to be having a scratch and dent sale on their hot tubs right now, and really, what's a little scratch/dent? The next step is to actually go visit some showrooms in person, where Tony will inevitably want to buy the first one he sees if that means that he can avoid going to 50 other stores to "comparison shop". Unfortunately, we'll have to get rid of some existing junk clutter possessions in order to make room for the new hot tub. Obviously it's garage sale time.

Six- In addition to adding a hopefully soon-to-be hot tub, I've also decided to redo the basement workroom. Right now it's a big space that we don't really use very much. Sure, the washer and dryer are down there, and I have a couple of workbenches and desks to do my crafty stuff on, but I really want to make it a space that people want to hang out in. Maybe like a den. I'm going to start by repainting it. I have a purse-full of paint chips that I snatched from my last trip to Lowes. I'd really like a bluesy-green feel down there...kind of like a sea green with an Asian flair. Tropical, but not seashells and starfish kind of tropical. Maybe more like Zen tropical. We'll see. Pictures of that too when it's finished.

Seven- The Seester's school parody is today. She's directing it this year, and it sounds like it's going to be quite the show. Mom and Dad flew up to see it, but alas, I must miss it. Go check it out if you're in the Boston area. And tell her Quirky sent you.

Eight- I've decided to put the Lady Joy statue outside. I've taken the required security precautions by putting up my new fence and lock, and now this is my way of thumbing my nose at the birdhouse snatchers. In the paraphrased words of Braveheart, You can take away my birdhouse, but you'll never take away my freedom (to put out lawn ornaments, that is)!

Nine- Speaking of the backyard and fences and such, Home Depot has some bamboo screens that I really like. At first I just purchased one to make it harder for nefarious trespassers to get over my chain link fence in the back, but now I've decided that I really like the way it looks, so I'm going to get some more. Plus, it makes a nice backdrop for my plants, which is an unexpected benefit of having your birdhouse stolen. Go figure. Every cloud stolen birdhouse has a silver bamboo lining.

Ten- Tony loooooves the new sheets that I picked up at the Home and Garden show. I do believe that 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets has spoiled the boy. Last night he kept mumbling in his sleep about how soft the sheets were! There's another home show this weekend at the Expo center. I think I'm going to drop by and see if the sheet venders are there. If they are, I'll grab another set or two because at this point, I don't think Tony will tolerate our old sheets anymore (he's addicted to the life of luxury now). And yes Stepher, they are the extra deep pocket ones that can accommodate your pillow top, so let me know if you want me to pick up a set for you too. Only $20 plus a nominal shipping and handling fee!

Hmmm. Looking back over the list, I see we have a lot of craftsy/home decorating stuff going on, both indoors and out. It must be the warm weather. It makes me feel very industrious, which is a good thing because I must admit that I've spent most of the winter sitting on my keister in front of the tv. No matter, all this new stuff will give me plenty of things to share with all four the multitudes of loyal readers. Feel free to share back.


Melissa~ said...

They had a booth with those sheets at the flea market! I figured how good could they be for 20.00 at a flea market? But now I wish I had bought them!!


Anonymous said...

The sheets are awesome-glad I bought two sets! California King cost 5 times that $20-if you can find them!!

smc said...

Yes! I want them! King-sized deep pockets in neutral colors! Browns/tans/golds!