Hunt For History

Howdy Internets! Did everybody have a good weekend? We had the most bea-u-ti-ful weather here this weekend! Normally, August is all so disgustingly hot and humid that if you take even two steps away from the climate-controlled safety of your air-conditioner your face will melt and your clothes will spontaneously combust and then where will you be? That’s right, naked and with a melted face. And we live with that, because we are Knoxvillians, and that is what we do. But for some strange meteorological reason, this weekend dawned bright and blue and crisp and cool (cool being a high of 85 degrees instead of 98 degrees). And the sun was shining, and a breeze was blowing (a breeze! Here? Before November? Shocking!) and the air had a touch of fall crispness that makes you want to run outside and do something fantastic.

So we did.

The TPO Knoxville Regional Bicycle Program is hosting a bike riding series for the summer. Once a month, they lead various bike tours and themed what-nots that involve riding around on your bike. This weekend, they did the downtown Hunt for History scavenger hunt, and Tony I and participated. (I figured that being downtown every day, I’d be a natural at this). So we threw our bikes in the back of the truck and took off for downtown.

They handed us a sheet with pictures of various Knoxville landmarks and trivia questions like, “When was this church built?” and “How many ladies are painted in the windows of this pub?” and sent us on our way. I recognized most of the downtown landmarks, but I was fuzzy on the Old City and West next to UT. And I recognized a lot of buildings, but couldn’t quite remember where I had seen them before. By the museum? Or the post office? So despite my careful route planning, we backtracked quite a bit.

But that was okay, because we had a fabulous time finding everything, and the weather (have I mentioned the weather?) was just perfect. And I learned a lot about a city that I spend every day in, but never really LOOKED at before. So that was neat. It took us about 2 hours of leisurely riding to do the whole course, and only the last two hills bothered me. (I am sooo much stronger than when we were riding last year!)

The only downside is that my nether regions are killing me today. Even with all the padding on my derriere, my bicycle seat still managed to bruise me. (The bike club people say that this is normal, and that with continued riding, you build up a muscle to pad those delicate areas. Great, just what I need…more padding!)

All in all though, we had a blast. I highly recommend my fellow Knoxville buddies to join the group. All abilities are welcome. I think September’s outing is a ride through some historic neighborhoods.

We’ll see you there.