She's Alive!

I just wanted to check in so that all of you that were worried about the kidney know that I'm okay. I think the infection is finally on its last legs, because I feel 100 times better today than I did yesterday, and yesterday was 100 times better than the day before. Soo, mucho improvemento.

The nausea is finally gone, and for the first time in three or four days, the thought of food does not repulse me. Or the smell- I've been super-sensitive with smells. (On Wednesday night, Tony ordered a couple of greasy pizzas for dinner. I took one whiff of them and spent the rest of the night in the bathroom. The next night, Tony made greasy Hamburger Helper for dinner. It's not his fault- he was just trying to help by making dinner, but the smell of hamburger is not a sick stomach's friend). But today! Today, my friends, I am not repulsed. Still a little gun-shy around the greasy foods, but I managed to eat a small salad and half of a club sandwich for lunch today. After three days of nothing but dry toast, real food tastes so good again!

I also went back to work today. And actually enjoyed it. I was only out two days, but two days of laying on the couch by yourself, wishing you would just die and get it over with tends to get boring really fast. So I was actually excited to be back at work, even if everyone kept coming over to check on me.

This is day three of the five day treatment, so I'm half-way there. I'm drinking a bazillion gallons of water everyday to help flush everything out...which means I'm in the bathroom a bazillion times. This may be too much information, but the drugs are creating a very interesting urine color that after much thought, I have named sunset orange. It still manages to surprise me. (At least when UT football starts up, I'll have my team colors through and through).

Anyway, I just wanted to let all ya'll out there in the blogosphere know that I'm okay, and I have a new appreciation for all the things that I took for granted before. Like caring co-workers. And being able to sleep at night. And greasy pizza. I can't wait to eat that pizza.


Mary Ellen said...

Glad you're ok Beth!! I called Jenny and was telling her about it and she was making all kinds of sympathetic noises and such!! Of course we find out by reading the blog, not like Tony ever tells us anything!! but take care of yourself and that one kidney!! :)

Erin said...

Okay, just catching up and wow! A few days away from your blog and you go and do crazy stuff like misplace organs and end up with super powers and what not! Glad you are starting to feel better. Hope you are enjoying pizza again in short order! Take it easy. : )

Elaine A. said...

I just now read this and your last post. Wow, I can't believe you have only one kidney and never knew it before. That's crazy.

Sorry you haven't been feeling well but glad to hear that greasy pizza is starting to sound good again! : )

Reluctant Housewife said...

Have you tried drinking cranberry juice? Yogurt (eating yogurt) can help too.