My Look Is Sooo 90 Years Ago

Waitress where I was having lunch today: Is your hair naturally curly?
Me (who has hair tied back in a pony tail with multiple rubber bands to control the above mentioned frizz curl): Yes
Waitress: It looks like one of those 20’s flapper hairstyles. You could totally pull off the 20’s flapper look.
Me: Um. Thanks?

Am I missing something here? Because I always thought that flappers had hair like this:

This is not my hair. I would love this hair, but this is not it. Not even when I try to straighten it. And with all the humidity in the air from the rain the past three days, this could pretty much be the exact opposite of my hair. My anti-hair, if you will. I suppose that it’s entirely possible that there did exist at one point a flapper with curly hair, but I thought that the general look of the day was the bob, not the pony tail. I could be wrong through.

For that matter, I’m not even sure if telling someone that they have flapper hair is a compliment. I may be 90 years out of fashion.


Deb R said...

She probably meant more like Clara Bow. Check out a photo of here here. I think she was gorgeous. And FWIW, I think her hair is classic. ;-)

Quirky said...

Ah. Well yes, Clara Bow makes more sense. That is much more my look. (Although on Clara it looks fabulous...on me, the look is called Bed Head).

kat said...

oh but flapper hair is quite cute. But yes, curly beyond belief is typically not considered flapperish. But Clara Bow does have some cute curls. I wish mine would curl like that when short. It curls more but I'm still more wavy than curly I'm guessing.

And for what it's worth...humidity sucks, but without it, I have NO curl. I learned this while living in NM when my hair wouldn't do much, but here in SoCal I have just the right amount of curl.