Ten on Friday Just Doesn't Have The Same Ring

It’s Friday. I’m feeling lazy, so I’m just going to list some random stuff instead of trying to make some kind of coherent thought. Think of it as a 10 on Tuesday, only on Friday.

1. Boomsday is this weekend! For you non-Knoxvillians, Boomsday is the city’s fireworks show to celebrate Labor Day. It’s an all day thing with concerts and food vendors and bouncy castles and stuff, and then at 9:30, we do the largest Labor Day fireworks show in the Southeast. Very exciting. I cannot wait to go!

2. Do other countries have Labor Day? I’m not sure. I think maybe Canada does too, but I’m not sure about anyone else. Anyone else getting Monday off work?

3. My very exciting Labor Day plans also include pressure washing and staining the back deck, and washing and repainting the front porch. (Tony is very excited about this plan, as you can no doubt imagine). Still, it must be done, and it’ll just go faster with two of us, (as opposed to one of us doing it all while the other one sits inside and watches, say, college football).

4. Speaking of college football, my beloved Vols play on Monday! First game of the year! To be honest, I’m not a huge huge football fan. I tend to get bored around halftime. But I am a huge fan of football season with all the cheering and tailgating and chili and giant sandwiches. I guess I love football food more than football itself.

5. In between football and deck staining, Tony and I are also going to redo the guest bathroom. Remember the brown one? Well, in a fit of hormonal rage this week, I decided I couldn’t stand the brown one more minute, and I bought a can of paint primer and primed over it all. (And then I lost my motivation and took a nap on the couch). So now the walls have varying thicknesses of primer on them, and all the bathroom essentials are spread out all over the hallway floor. That will be put to rights this weekend, again with Tony’s help. (He’s such a good sweetie pie!)

6. Speaking of hormonal rages, you’ll be glad to know that I’m out of my funk. I’m in a much better mood, and I managed to make it through the week without getting myself fired. Sadly, a large amount of cookie dough was ingested as an alternative. Major gym penance will be required.

7. Speaking of a good workout, ya’ll sign up for Race for the Cure this year. They’ve extended the early bird sign-up to September 5th, so if you register before then, it’s $5 cheaper. Tony and I are all signed up, even though he’s making a fuss over it. I told him it was for a good cause. I told him that men get breast cancer too. I told him about all the free doughnuts. He’s going.

8. In kidney-related news, it appears I still have my infection, but it doesn’t hurt so much as make me think that I have to go to the bathroom ALL THE TIME. I had my follow-up appointment today, and the doctor put me on a different type of drug, which promises to finish off the infection without making me so nauseous. They also took about 2 gallons of blood today, which will be sent off to some magical place to be tested for how well my one super-kidney is doing. I have full confidence that it will pass with flying colors. I would appreciate not having to go to the bathroom every 2 minutes though. Stupid infection.

9. Tony is laughing at me because I have somehow picked up the phrase “Golly bum”, as in “Golly bum, that’s some stubborn glue!” or “Golly bum! I ate too much”. I have no idea what it means or where it came from, but I think it’s kind of the southern redneck equivalent to “By George” or “Gee whiz”. (Come to think of it, I don’t really know what those two mean either). I didn’t even realize I was saying it until Tony made fun of me pointed it out.

10. Ya’ll enjoy your long weekend. I know I will. And you guys down there in the path of Gustav and Hanna take care of yourselves. Don’t get washed away with the storms. You can send a little of the rain my way, but wait until after Labor Day so my deck stain can dry. I’m just sayin’. Peace out Internets!

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Reluctant Housewife said...

It sucks that you're still battling that infection... I hope it gets better soon.

We do have labour day here in Canada... but we spell it with a "u".