Weekend Update: Feast

Good morning Internets. (Did that sound like “Good morning Angels” to anyone else? No? Never mind then). Everybody have a good weekend? Tony and I did our annual Feast with the Beasts at the zoo on Saturday, and I was all set to write about it, but I really couldn’t think of anything new to say that I hadn’t already said last year, and the year before, and the year before. (That’s the problem with annual traditions…there isn’t enough that changes to keep the story fresh). Not that it wasn’t still good! I loved going. The weather was perfect, the food was great, the music was fun. There were fewer food vendors this year than in the past, which I’m going to guess has something to do with the recent economic struggles, but the amount of people that came out to partake seemed to increase, so maybe they aren’t struggling that much. Also, the crowd seemed to be younger this year (or maybe I’m just getting old?). In years past, everybody just went in jeans and t-shirts, but this year, the younger clubbing crowd showed up in their form-fitting dresses and ridiculously high heels, and I felt very underdressed in my jeans and sandals. Then again, I was still walking comfortably three hours later, while flashy clubbing girls were limping and miserable. Score one for the sensible shoes. The food was, as usual, awesome.

On a completely different topic in a completely different direction, does anybody know what to do with extra watermelon? I love it, but Tony doesn’t, and I refuse to buy half of a watermelon when it is the same price as a full one, but I just can’t eat an entire watermelon by myself. So here I am with half of a watermelon. Any ideas? Does watermelon freeze? Can you can it, or pickle it (ewww!) or bake it in a pie? I really hate to just throw it away.


Anonymous said...

I saw something in a magazine about pureeing the left over watermelon and freezing it in ice cube trays for a "refresing flavor" to beverages. They will keep for a month.

Anonymous said...

Cut up the excess in cubes approx. 2", put in a gallon size (you did say you had a lot!) zip-lock bag and give it to your mother. I have it on excellent authority that she "simply craves" watermelon but won't buy a whole one.
Problem solved and you'll feel good, too. :)

marci said...

Pickled watermelon, believe it or not, is actually really really good. I haven't done it myself (I'm taken advantage of other people's hard work on that one) but I'm sure there's a recipe out there.