Heart Walk

In a continuing effort to keep my family healthy, I signed Mom, Dad, and Tony up to do the American Heart Association’s 5K Heart Walk with me this weekend. And in a continuing effort to make them miserable, I made them go even though it was cold and rainy.

Still, despite the rain and wind and cold (and mud, and wet dog fur smell, and the fact that you couldn’t hear anything that was being said up on the stage), it was an okay time. 5K is not a difficult distance to walk, and Tony totally forgave me for making him go when we stocked up on candy from Mast General afterwards. (Mental note: the key to diffusing marital discord is apparently a vast quantity of Sugar Daddies and Goo-Goo clusters. Who knew?)

Anyway, I’m sure that the American Heart Association appreciated our walk, even though the only one who raised any money was Aunt Suzie, who was smart enough to send a check in her absence when she realized how nasty the weather would be.

The rest of us were just a glutton for punishment.

Our walking team. Mom is in the white hat, I’m next to her, Dad’s the one in the black hat (looking stoic and unusually tall), and Tony’s in the back, pretending to be either the Grim Reaper or the Unabomber with his hood up.