60 Extra Minutes of Wonderful

Oh Internets, I cannot express to you how much I love daylight savings time! Sure, sure, it’s a pain changing all of the clocks all over the house, and I can never remember the sequence of buttons that changes it in my car (although I do manage to erase all of my pre-set radio buttons instead), but all that is but a distant memory compared to waking up and realizing that I have another hour until the alarm goes off! It’s like a little piece of Saturday, wrapped up in Monday morning.

You know what else I like? Sunshine. It is sooo much easier to get out of bed with the sun shining instead of it being all dark and cold outside. Dark and cold=sleep. Blessed sunshine pouring through the window? That I can deal with. Ah, but what about the hour of sunshine you lose after work, you argue? Eh. It’s normally dark by the time I’m out of the gym in the evenings anyway, so no big loss for me. Besides, that’s my most awake time of the day naturally. I don’t need the sun’s help then. I’m ready to party at 6pm. 6am is when it hurts.

Oh! And you know what else? I just thought of this! That extra hour is just enough to melt all the frost off of the windshield of the car so that I don’t have to go out and scrape it! I HATE scraping the windshield. But that hour of sunlight does it for me, at least for the next few weeks. Gotta love that. (If I was smart, I’d use this extra time to find the special-sized battery for the garage door opener so that I could park inside the garage again before the frost with staying power shows up. We’ll see how that goes).

Of course, daylight savings only bought me another month or so before I adjust back to being sleepy in the morning, and the winter solstice wins and sucks my morning sunshine back out of my room, and the frost creeps back onto my car windows, but I’ll enjoy it while I can. Winter makes me crazy like a crack monkey, so every second of sunshine is precious. And why I use that extra hour to count my daylight-savings blessings.


AnneK said...

Winter makes me miserable. or i should say it used to when i was in ohio. Now it has no power to hurt me. Enjoying sunny florida now.

Quirky said...

Come January, I may be showing up at your place for a little unexpected visit. Tennessee winter isn't that bad for the first month or so, but I get really twitchy towards the end of January. I'm solar powered.