A Little Whine With That Flurry?

Ack people, it is cold! Have I mentioned how much I hate cold? I’m pretty sure I have, but I think for today it bears repeating. Yesterday? Snow flurries on the way to work! Actual, real live, frozen accumulation! Here! In my little K-town! Where even though there’s a chance, and even though people wish for it, and even through it can get technically cold enough to where people are wondering if this year is going to “a bad one”, it is NOT supposed to snow! Oh how I longed to turn the car around and head straight back to my cozy little electric blanket on my cozy little bed to wait out this insanity until say, next April. But alas, I could not. And so I was cold.

Then today, while the weather guy was happily gesturing to the close-up of the Knoxville map with a giant 21 degrees plastered over the top and a wind chill of 19 (19! You should have seen the gleam in weather guy’s eyes…sadistic monster), I was out scraping my windshield. And my windows. And my mirrors. The entire car was a giant sheet of ice. You can see why I’m in such a good mood right now.

I do not understand why you Northerners put up with this kind of stuff. I am putting my foot down about anything less than 50 degrees. As a matter of fact, I have recently become consumed with the idea of fleeing to somewhere warm, like say the equator, to wait out this nasty winter winter-ness. All I need is a little shack and a computer with internet connection (and a job that would let me work tele-commute from a shack on the equator), and I’d be a happy camper. It is definitely time for me to fly south for the winter.

It’s going to be a long 4 months.


Marsha said...

Bring me the snow. I can't wait to see it. :)

AZ Dog Mom said...

So, would it be just absolutely cruel of me to mention that here in Phoenix, Arizona, we're supposed to have a high today of 85F? And tomorrow of 83F? With lows in the mid-50s? Would that just be the salt in your frozen wound? ;D Sending warm and cozy thoughts in your direction. If you'd like to throw an iceball in my general direction, I won't hold it against you. I may duck, but I'd totally understand.