Weekend Update

So I saw the Twilight movie Friday night. I can say that it did stay pretty true to the book, which is good because otherwise it’s a deal breaker for me. And the movie was okay, although I probably wouldn’t run out and see it six more times or anything. To me, the magic of the story is to be able to loose yourself in good writing, and the movie just doesn’t do that for me (to be fair, most movies don’t. I’m definitely more drawn to the written word that the silver screen). So. Book= excellent. Movie= okay…mostly because it didn’t screw up the book.

Also, to the group of six or seven girls that sat behind me and giggled through the entire movie? SHUT. UP. You have no idea how close I came to coming over the back of my seat and knocking your empty pre-pubescent heads together. I credit only my Herculean self-control. There is no need to squeal every time an actor walks into a scene. It’s not like he can hear you. He’s not REALLY there. This isn’t live theater. Don’t make me go all rated R for gratuitous violence on ya’ll. (I suddenly remember why I never go to movies in theaters anymore).

I also went to Nashville to visit my good buddy and long-time cohort in crime, Nicole (and my younger man crush, Eli). He’s 18 months old now, and let me tell you, the boy is a major heart breaker. He does this thing where he looks up at you through his big long eyelashes and grins and you just melt into a little puddle on the floor. I, probably the most immune person on the planet when it comes to baby cuteness, would have given him anything he wanted in an instant. Apparently, his current thing is dancing, and he insists that when he dances, everyone else does too. He kept pulling on my hand to make sure that I was up dancing to the Disney music channel all night long (or at least until his bedtime anyway). He’s got some really smooth moves designed to make all the little girls swoon. His mama is in big big trouble.

Nicole also foolishly took me to the Titans Jets game. (I say foolish because I told her that the Curse of the Goose would make the Titans lose, but she took me anyway). Now normally I am not a football fan and usually end up bored by halftime, but this time I was interested enough to follow the ENTIRE game. True, we had really awesome seats in the 15th row, and true, there was this inflatable raccoon mascot thing that was so oddly proportioned that I couldn’t look away, but I think the real thing that kept my interest was the fact that Nicole can carry on a conversation and watch a football game AT THE SAME TIME, unlike my usual game watching companion who is generally so engrossed in the game that conversations mostly consist of one word answers and no eye contact whatsoever. (Not that I’m naming any names here, coughTonycough). So yeah, the Titans lost, and yeah, they were previously undefeated up until they tangled with the Curse of the Goose, but we still had a good time. I would totally go again, and that’s saying something when it comes to football.

So that was my weekend, which was awesome, although way too short (as weekends tend to be). But that’s okay, because it’s a short week at work, followed by a 4 day weekend. And THAT, silly pre-pubescent girls, is something to squeal about.


AnneK said...

4 day weekend IS something to squeal about. With that to look forwad to, the week started out on the best note. :)

Erin said...

{cough} I totally almost squealed when Edward appeared on the screen...and sighed a lot :D I think the prepubescent girls behind us were the ones annoyed by my friend and I, lol! I went all teenager. I'm alarmingly dorky like that, though.