My Dream Guy, or Defending The Castle Once Again

Last night I was dreaming. It was a lovely dream where Tony and I were ballroom dancing. (Technically, this is not something we know how to do, but when does that ever stop you in a dream?) Anyway, we were gliding beautifully across the floor, and my gown was just amazing, and the room was twinkling like in a fairy tale. So romantic. And then the music ends, and Tony leans down and whispers in my ear

“I think we have another raccoon in the attic”.

Queue the screeching halt in the music. My eyes fly open. It’s dark in the bedroom.

“I think another raccoon has gotten into the attic. I keep hearing thumping above the ceiling”.
Fabulous. Why won’t the giant rodents leave us alone? And why won’t they let me finish a halfway decent dream sequence?

“Do you want me to go up and check?” He tries to sound noble, but I can hear the edge of excitement in his voice. Like he can’t wait to duke it out with a wild raccoon.
“No” I sigh, “Leave him alone”.
“I’ll call the guys we used last time and make and appointment for them to come out and set up another trap”.
That’s my Tony. Willing to do the mundane little things like arrange to have the second uninvited attic squatter removed without me even having to ask. And I know he’ll actually follow though too, because he’s responsible like that.

We may not be ballroom dancing, but he’s always my Prince Charming.


marsha said...

My dreams always get interrupted before the good parts. I'm never ball room dancing though...most of my dreams have me carrying really big weapons and saving the world. :)

Blessed said...

raccoons in the attic? Oh my! I thought the squirrels that get in our attic were bad, I can't imagine having a raccoon up there!

Isn't it great having a husband like that!