Happy Birthday...

To MEEEEEEEE! That's right, it's my birthday! Feel free to shower me with gifts (including cash, checks, and paypal). I like my birthday. My skin still has enough elasticity left that I am not ashamed of my age, or the day that honors my birth. Plus, it allows me to be wonderfully selfish, because it's my special day, after all.

Oh, by the way, it's also Tony's birthday, so when you're making out that check, add a little something extra in for him too. Yes, we were born on the same day. Yes, in the same year. No, not in the same hospital (because that would be just a little too freaky). He is just a few hours older than I am. It means I have to share my special selfish day, but it also makes a neat conversation starter for parties. Not too many people can claim the same birthday as the person they are married to. File that one under "quirky".

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Happy Birthday!