Stepping Stones and the NGCISW

I have discovered my dream job. Well, sorta. I was in Joann Fabrics yesterday, buying quirky birdhouses at 80% off regular price, (Whoo-hooo!) when I saw a little tear off activity sheet in the isle. This particular one was how to make a stepping stone using their official stepping stone mix, stepping stone tile pieces, stepping stone letter stamps, stepping stone molds, and stepping stone cement dye. It's supposed to inspire inspiration-deficient people to buy up all the official stepping stone products and follow the simple stepping stone directions for their very own stepping stone! (This blog just became a drinking game...take a shot for every "stepping stone". Just note that any cases of alcohol poisoning are your own dumb ass fault, not mine). Anyway, my first thought was, "Hey! Now even I can make my very own stepping stone!" My second thought was "Hey! I can WRITE these kinds of craftsy projects!" I come up with things to do/make/paint all the time! I have so many projects in my head, it could keep the patrons of Lowes, Home Depot, Joanns, and Hobby Lobby busy for months! And when I come up with one of those projects, the first thing I do is write down all the materials needed and simple, step by step instructions. Yes, I already know in my head exactly how to make it and what I'll need...I just do this because I LIKE WRITING DOWN STEPS! Sometimes I'll write them down three or four times, just because I like it (and because I'm apparently OCD). Before, I just figured that it was one of those quirky personality traits that all people can do, but looking at this handy dandy tear off instruction sheet, I realized that some people must have to rely on these sheets, and if there's people who need a sheet to tell them that a stepping stone must contain concrete and tile pieces (duh), then obviously there's a market for the instruction sheet makers. This is such a perfect job for me! Those little craft instructions are everywhere! All the DIY stores have them, they're in magazines, they're on the DIY and HGTV stations! I could make a fortune off of telling people when to pour the official stepping stone mix into the official stepping stone mold and add the official stepping stone tiles in the shape of your official stepping stone choice! that I've discovered my calling, I just need to find out who is doing the calling. Are they employed by the individual stores/tv stations/magazines or is there a National Guild of Craft Instruction Sheet Writers that the stores just contract with? If you know, or better, you happen to be a member of the NGCISW, let me know how to get in on the deal. I'm made for this job.