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Apparently, Sweet Lou has figured out the secret to Cubs success (obviously he follows along with a certain Quirky blog), because Tony was listening to the game last night in Chicago, and it just happened to be...70's night! And who should be singing the National Anthem and Take me out to the Ballgame but the one and only...Barry Williams! Yes that's right. Barry had so much success with 70's night in Cincinnati that he also traveled up to Chicago to do the same thing again at Wrigley Field the very next day!

After he did the 7th inning stretch, Barry mentioned to the announcers that he must be a good luck charm for the team, since they won when he was around.
Don't forget about my Combos, Barry. I'm sure the only reason Lou hasn't called me yet to offer me the official job of Lucky Team Combo Eater is because he's still waiting on the truckload order of Pepperoni Pizza Pretzel to come in.

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smc said...

Barry's arrogance in not recognizing the contribution your combos play has come back to haunt him. Cubbies lost yesterday afternoon...