Survey Time!

Hey Internets. I need your help. I have a new assignment for my Consumer Behavior Class. This time I need to actually interview people as opposed to just stalking them. And since accosting interviewing strangers as they attempt to just get their shopping done and get home doesn't sound like that much fun, I figured I'd ask you guys instead. So how about it? Are you willing to help a Quirky out here? Pleeeeeeeeease? Don't make me resort to chasing people around the store, going "If I could just ask you a few questions..." I'd be forever grateful. The more people to respond, the better.

Here's the deal. If you would be so kind, please send me an email to with the answers to these questions below. (Put something like Quirky's restaurant questions in the title so that I don't think you are selling Internet Viagra or fat loss pills by mistake).

Be as detailed as you can, and try to be honest. I'm not going to judge you if you eat Happy Meals 5 days a week, and I don't care if you eat before 4pm to get the early bird special. And I won't reveal your name or email address to anyone, so rest assured about that. Oh, and I kinda need them by this Friday, but the earlier the better.

Okay, here goes. Remember to be honest and lots of detail.

1. Where was the most recent restaurant/fast food place you have eaten? (I'm looking for the name of any place outside of the home where you paid for a meal, be it a fancy restaurant or fast food. For the sake of my paper, let's ignore candy machines and gas station chili dogs. And quit trying to think of a "respectable" place...if you ate at Binky's Biker Bar and Bail Bonds, own it).

2. What kind of place is it? (Tell me as much as you can here...what kind of food do they serve, is it a chain, is it small or big, what kind of atmosphere does it have, is it fancy or laid back, etc. No wrong answers here. And more is better).

3. Were you with anyone else when you went? (Friends, family, coworkers, etc. Give me an idea of who was with you, how many were with you, and basic ages of your party).

4. How often do you eat at this place?

5. What made you decide to eat here? (I'm looking for the why behind the choice...if it's your favorite, why? Does it evoke a special memory, or remind you of your mom's cooking, or did you get engaged while eating here? Do kids eat free on Tuesdays, or you were trying to get to a movie and you knew the service would be fast? Is little Johnny going through a stage where he only eats chicken nuggets? Are you on a budget and this place had a 99 cent value meal? All of the above?) Tell me the story of why you picked this place over the millions of other places.

6. How do you feel about this place? (This could range from one of your favorite places on Earth to I hate it and I only ate here because if we don't get chicken nuggets little Johnny will starve)

Okay, that's it. Copy and paste the questions into an email and give me your answers. Pretend it's a meme if that helps. All answers are strictly confidential, and names will be changed to Consumer #1, Consumer #2, Consumer # 3, to protect the innocent. C'mon! Do it right now! My grade depends on you! Pretty pretty Pleeeeeeeeeze?


CortneyTree said...

My email is on it's way! Always happy to help, especially when food is involved ;)

Jean said...

You know this really could be a meme..and I think it would pretty interesting to see the others results. Sent mine in.

Erin said...

Does it matter if I'm from Canada? I wanna do it (mostly cause I'm bored). So I'm going to and if you can't use it, well, that's okay. At least you'll know about my restaurant habits ; )

smc said...

Is it okay for sisters to play along? Or do I need to be a stranger (is just being strange close enough?) Well, I'll send mine in, and if you don't use it, I'll understand.

WendyDarling said...

Hi, I found you over at Lori's (Queen of Dirty Laundry.) :-) I just sent you my e-mail. I hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

I knew this MBA stuff would be bad for you! It has reduced you to begging on the internet! Kids could have done that so much quicker (without the stalking!) Be that as it may, I'll send you an email, too.
Momma Quirk

Anonymous said...

I will go back and send one too. Margie

cndymkr / jean said...

Mine is on the way. I'm glad I went out for dinner tonight!