Survey Says...

All ya'll, you are so nice and wonderful and awesome. I raised a request to know where you guys eat out and why, and you immediately jumped on your mighty stallion of email and responded to the call. My inbox overflowth, and for that, I thank you. I actually had enough responses to get my homework assignment done early. I don't think that has ever happened, ever, in my *pauses to count on fingers* 18 years of formal education. To all of you, my deepest thanks.

A couple of you are actually bored enough to think that this was fun and want to use it as a meme. (Actually, it was a little bit like getting to eat right there with you, so I could see how it would be interesting). I told you guys that I wouldn't reveal your names just in case anyone really did eat at Binky's Biker Bar and Bail Bonds (sadly, not that anyone admitted to), but I guess I could share the results of the survey in a mass generic way.

You ate from O'Charley's to Olive Garden to McDonald's to Chinese places to Ruby Tuesdays to Subway to a little local bbq place that I am incredibly jealous about. You go because you like the prices, the service, how close it is, the healthy choices, the quiet atmosphere, and the Kung Fu Panda happy meal toys. You eat by yourself, with co-workers, girlfriends, husbands, brothers, mothers, and little boys. You told me about Spinach Pizza, grinders, Thai food, Zuppa Toscana, Bacon fried Onion burgers, 4 cheese spinach dip, macadamia nut cookies, eggrolls, salad bars and black eyed peas. You go to celebrate birthdays, collect Panda action figures, find something new, have a change of pace, grab something quick, have a girls night out, and because it's a family member's favorite place.

Luckily, only one of you realized that you'd eaten at a place that had gotten a bad health score. (Ack!) Oh, and if anyone is interested in a single, 41 year old man in NJ that likes Thai food, let me know and I'll pass it along.

So thanks again. You've helped me write a good paper, and made me really hungry in the process. I enjoyed our virtual meal together. If you ever want to share a table in person, let me know. I'll be at Binky's.


Anonymous said...

Shoot, I'm sorry you are already finished with your assignment. I wanted to send in another one about where I ate today. Oh, well, at least you enjoyed the BBQ and black eyed peas. Congrats on completing your project. Margie

Quirky said...

Well, the paper is finished, but if you really want to keep telling me where you eat, you are welcome to. :-)

cndymkr / jean said...

Ok, I just laughed so loud I woke my husband. I'm glad you enjoyed your homework and I'm up for helping you out again!

Elaine A. said...

Oh drat! I forgot to comed back and participate in your survey. And now I am really hungry... Geez!