Yogurt Anyone? Anyone?

So, response has been a little slow on yogurt consumption patterns. As a matter of fact, only AZ Dog Mom has bothered to answer so far, proving that she is my very bestest best friend ever, and the rest of you are not.

What happened? Did everyone just miss it because the picture of the dragonfly was so mesmerizing? Or did you decide that answering questions about yogurt wasn't as much fun as answering questions about restaurants? Help me out here cyberpals...this is the last homework assignment EVER. I'll never ask you to do contribute to my homework again after this.

If you ever eat those little containers of yogurt, head back over to Tuesday's post for the questions. Then I'll be YOUR bestest friend too.


Anonymous said...

I didn't reply because I don't eat it. Sorry. Margie

Quirky said...

Actually, I don't like it either. I wish I did since it's supposed to be so good for you. I keep trying different kinds in case there's one out there that I can stand, but so far it's a no-go. Everyone else I know (except for Margie) seems to love it though.

Jean said...

I don't eat it all the time..but will go ahead and help you out on the homework. I really do like the homework assignments though! :)