Pomp and Potterstance

Howdy internets. Did you miss me? I would have written yesterday, but I'm in Boston. The Seester graduated from Hahhh-vard Law school, so all of yesterday was spent witnessing the most pompous pomp and circumstance you could possibly imagine. And no one does pompous pomp quite like Hahhh-vard. They are so full of pomp that there were actually THREE ceremonies. The pomp overflowth.

Anyway, the Seester walked across the stage, we all clapped and cheered. Then we listened to the Commencement speaker, who turned out to be a little known author by the name of JK Rowling. Seems that she's written some books about a kid named Harry Potter.

Yeah. That JK Rowling. When you're Harvard Law School, it seems that you can get the MOST POPULAR AUTHOR IN THE WHOLE WORLD to come talk at your graduation.

I'll give you a moment to fully explore the depth of your insane jealousy.

Okay then. Anyway, JK Rowling was great. She speaks wonderfully. She was witty and brilliant and poignant.

Oh, and the Seester was good too. Top notch stage walking. Congratulations Seester.


Erin said...

Wow that's pretty amazing. Congratulations to Seester : )

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your blog and writing style! Not to mention your Hahhvad connections! Found you through Antique Mommy and have enjoyed lurking! Can't remember my password so having to publish as anonymous. My password collection overfloweth!


tootie said...

How exciting!

This just proves that Harvard is smart - they booked such a cool graduation speaker! I'm a big fan of her books...and I'm seriously jealous of your trip :)

Elaine A. said...

Wow your Seester must be a Smarty Smartkins!! Congrats to her and my husband will be SOOOOO jealous when I tell him you had a close encounter with JKR.