Pictures of Kittens!

So as promised, here are pictures of the new kittens. This is mainly for my mother, and sister, and sister-in-law, but I figure everyone else would like to see kitten pictures also. I mean, they're kittens! Everyone loves kittens! Except for Mason and Dixon of course...

Dixon's like, "You brought home WHAT????

So this is Magellan...or Sebastian. Not sure which. They're pretty much identical. We decided on explorers names again, to go with Mason and Dixon. Not many people know this, but apparently Magellan sailed with a guy names Sebastian. So here they are.

Kitten Chow! I was trying to show you how small the kitten was compared to his food bowl. These bowls are small...almost like sugar bowls, or those little bowls you'd put nuts in at a party. Small bowl, smaller kitten.

This was to show you their pretty blue eyes. And how they look when they're hoisted into the air and aren't happy about it.

This fish tank enthralls a second generation. I have an almost identical picture of Mason doing the same thing at this age. Here fishy fishy fishy!

Isn't this cute?! I just love how compact they are! You can tell from the stripes on the tail that this isn't 100% Siamese, but they've got the masks and dark feet and tails and blue eyes, so they're 95%. Besides, as they get older and darker, I think the stripes will disappear.

I know. The picture is sideways. I forgot to rotate it. You get the idea though. Sleepy kitty.

Sleepier kitty. So much playing and running and chasing and jumping! It's enough to wear a kitty out!

Annnnd they're out. Curled up on my lap as I try to do my final paper for class.

I managed to get collars on them, but there's so much extra left over (that's what is stuck out there on the side). I keep tucking the excess collar to the inside, and they keep pulling it out again. No matter, they'll grow enough in the next month or two that they'll use all that slack.

And finally, here's another dejavu picture. 5 years ago, I took a picture of another kitten this size watching baseball on the tv. New kitten, new tv, same ol' Cubbies. Some things never change.

Update: There's still hissing and growing going on as the older brothers get used to the younger brothers, but we've already made great strides. Yesterday, Mason and Dixon refused to be in the same room as the other two. Today, each of them managed to stay in the same room with only minimal hissing. We're getting there. I predict that in another week or two, the hissing will be a thing of the past.


AZ Dog Mom said...

Too cute!! I'm a sucker for a Siamese, any coloring. I think your little guys may be Lynx Point siamese, instead of the typical Seal Point. Lynxies usually have the stripes on the tails, legs,and even on the face. Adorable little ones though. Nice sucker fish too. ;D

Mary Ellen said...

i cannot wait to meet them! precious!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh. my. gosh. Adorable! What's it like having 4 cats? But it doesn't matter... they are so cute!

Quirky said...

Actually, not that bad. Old cats are getting used to new cats. New cats are getting used to a new place. Tony is getting used to scooping 4 litter boxes. :-) I run the roomba every day to keep cat hair under control. 4 is definitely the limit though.