27 Years Today!

For all you extremely astute people out there, you probably already noticed that the little age-o-meter in the bio to the right has clicked over from 26 to 27. If you're not one of those astute people, then I'll just tell you: It's my birthday today! I'll give you a minute to run through the Happy Birthday song in my honor...

Still singing? Take your time.

Bring it home now! "...Hap-py Birthday tooooo (high note here) yooooooouuu!"

Thank you very much. You are a wonderful singer. I really appreciate it. No present? Don't worry about it. You just being here is enough. (Although if you insist, I take cash, check, or paypal). Oh, and did I mention it was Tony's birthday too? Yes, I know! Same day, same year. Amazing. Of course, he'll require his own birthday song. No worries, you can sing it for him later.

So now we can no longer really claim mid-20's anymore. We're sliding down that slippery slope to late 20's, and all too quickly headed for old age, also known as 30. (Shudder!) But I'll worry about that in a few years.

All in all though, this birthday rocked! Seriously, probably a top 5 birthday day. I had an awesome day at the lake with the fam, then an awesome cookout with the extended fam, then awesome birthday cake cooked by yours truly (although with a little help from the Pillsbury doughboy). And the loot! An incredible haul this year. Way more than I expected or deserve (thanks Mom and Dad and Steph!) It was really good to have everyone together to party like that. I must say that I'm particularly blessed to have been born into this most wonderful family 27 years ago today.