You like me! You really like me!

207 visitors! 207 real live visitors have made it to Quirky is a Compliment already for the month of June! (And June isn't even over yet!) 94 new people and 113 returning people have very thoughtfully fulfilled my goal of reaching at least 201 hits this month! Bless you, Quirky visitors! Whether you came here on purpose or you're that person who did a google search for "eye twitch+nutrisystem" and ended up here instead, (and if you are, I'm sorry, because it sounds like you're really having some issues) I'm glad you could make it. Of course, we'll have to beat June's total during July, so you'll have to keep coming back (and bring a friend!) but I'm sure that you're up for the challenge. (And pay no attention to the fact that this sounds like a pyramid scheme...your friends will thank you for introducing them to Quirky). Now, if you could just work on visiting AND leaving a comment...

Additional note: The final count for the end of June 2007 was 246 hits! Rock on wit'cho bad selves!


Anonymous said...

I must say that since I found "Quirky" I have laughed out loud many times (which is why I no longer read during church serviece), and once almost shot coffee through my nose! How refreshing!

smc said...

This is from DAYS ago. Write more.