Connection Detection

So I was sitting in class last night, practicing my telekinesis by mentally pushing the hour hand of the clock forward so that the professor would let us out of there early (the telekinesis still needs a little work, by the way), when I remembered that I needed to renew some of my library books. And because the school is blessedly wireless, I pulled out the ol' pda to quickly sign on to the library website and renew them. (Yes, yes, I know I was supposed to be paying attention to the professor, but I usually only remember to renew library books about 2 weeks after they're due and I already owe the library a bazillion-jillion dollars in late fees, so when that particular thought pops into my head, I've got to run with it right away or risk losing it forever). So anyway, I clicked on my little Internet Explorer and...nothing happened. I got a little message that said that I couldn't make the connection. Very strange. I try again. Same message. I know it's not a problem with the school's wireless because I've been watching the girl next to me play internet poker all through class (and you thought I was bad for just trying to renew some library books). Obviously it's a pda problem. That doesn't shock me because computers in any shape, form, or fashion hate me, and I've just been waiting for this one to turn on me too. You're shocked to discover this, of course, because my blog is so tech suave, but it's true. Computers hate me and they're always plotting and scheming, ready to ambush me and make me look bad at any moment. The IT department at work has a file on me that's about 10 inches thick, filled with all my "maladies". I've been through 5 work computers in less than 3 years (although the last one doesn't count because I had NOTHING to do with it catching on fire. It did that all by itself. I'm serious. I was just working away when suddenly the monitor started smoking. Tell me how computer spontaneous combustion is my fault?!? The IT people didn't listen though. It went into my permanent record anyway).

Anyway, back to the story. I got out my trusty PDA owner's manual to see what the problem was. I went through all the trouble-shooting instructions. I checked my wireless card, I checked my connection details, I checked my automatic wireless finder configuration thingie (and yes, that is the technical term). All fine. I click on Internet connection. It's really frustrating me. Library books are DUE darnit! I was just working myself into a nice fit of rage before calling the Dell customer service people in India to complain about their crap pda when something caught my eye. It's the little button on the side of my pda with a picture of a wireless tower on it. Oh sure, I know what that is. That's the button you push when you...want to turn the wireless function on. Seems that if you don't turn the wireless function ON, then you don't get a connection. See how tricky these computer thingies are? They want you to turn it on before it will work! I could feel proud of myself for figuring out the problem before involving the IT people and looking like a total idiot, but I figure that the tattle-tail pda has already emailed them a note about it and they're laughing at me anyway...right after they added it to my permanent record.

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smc said...

Uh oh. You know you are in trouble when you start using comparitive morality to justify playing on the internet in class. Besides, think how distracting you must have been to the guy behind you who desperately wanted to tell you that your wireless button wasn't on...