Quirky Mom! Coming To A Blog Near You!

If you've seen the auto-publish test feature on here, you may have deduced that I'm planning on leaving ya'll unattended for a little while. I'm taking a little bloggy vacation next week, as I will be without Internet access for several days. Not to worry though! I have left you in good hands. Actually, the best possible hands I could think of- my mom's.

Yes, while I am away on my internet-less sojourn (pray for me...I may not be able to stand not being connected for an entire week), my very own real life mother will be guest posting. And oh, you do not want to miss this! If you have ever wondered what made a Quirky the way she is today, look no further than her mother, the original Quirk. I have given her no restrictions or parameters, so there is no telling what she's going to post about. The sky is the limit. And ya'll, her generation has no filter, so anything is fair game. I'm just warning you in advance. This is the woman who sat around the Easter dinner table, bombarding my brand new boyfriend with stories of how she pushed too hard and ruptured her placenta when she was pregnant with me. (Poor Tony- he was totally freaked out. Here he was meeting my family for the first time, and my mother is describing oozing placenta stories over the ham and deviled eggs. It's a wonder he ever stuck around long enough to marry me).

On the other hand, she's also funny and thoughtful and smart and quirky, so it'll be just like me, only with reading glasses and a recollection of the Nixon administration.

Ya'll be nice to Mom while I'm gone. She wiped my rear and taught me to ride a bike and made my prom dresses and risked her life by teaching me to drive. She gave me advice on boys (not that I listened) and helped me with my science projects and kissed boo-boos. She's always been here for me, even now when I asked her to take time out of her day to guest post.

If you have any questions that you'd like Mom to answer, ask them now in the comment section and I'll pass them along to her. I'm not saying she'll answer them, because she may have already been thinking of something to write, and Mother knows best, but she may like the ideas too.

Mark your calendars! Quirky Mom starts Monday.


Erin said...

Oh, that is hilarious : ) I would never in a million years let my mom near my blog! I cannot wait to read what your mom has to say. This should be good.

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Wow, I don't know what I'd do without internet for SEVERAL DAYS! I suppose I'd live, but still...