Old Geezer Dives Again!

The Masters National Diving Championships are this weekend, and it just so happens that they are being held right here in Knoxville! Having fought his way back from knee and shoulder surgery after last year's Masters, Dear ol' Dad is back at it again! He flips! He twists! He struts around in a tiny bathing suit!

Here are the highlights from today's event, the one meter board:

Here's Dad getting ready to start. No, he's not throwing a gang sign...I think he was waving to Mom right as I snapped the picture. Look how nice and straight he is! Right down to his pointed toes! Then-floop!-right into the water with nary a ripple. I love watching Dad dive. He's poetry in motion.

More of that above-mentioned flipping and twisting. Pretty impressive for an old guy, huh? Pretty impressive for any age.

And where would Dad be without his cheering section? My sign says "This impartial judge says PERFECT 10!" I held it up when all the other judges were giving their scores. (Oh, and the other side says "GO Old Geezer GO!". That side may have also been held up every now and then).

Dad's second part of the competition, the three meter, is tomorrow. Go get'em Dad! Show those other geezers what you're made of! We're proud of you!

Springboard diving- Betcha' YOUR Dad can't do this!


Jean said...

That is awesome! Uhm yeah my dad's dive would be more of a flop.

Erin said...

Wow! I don't know that I've ever seen my dad dive. Never mind all that flip action and cool stuff! You must be proud. I know I would be!

Tanja said...

Good grief... is it legal for a dad to be that in shape? If my dad tried that I'm pretty certain traction would follow. So neat that you cheered him on. You're such a great daughter.

RubiaLala said...

It's crazy he can do that...good for him!

Elaine A. said...

Wow! That's your Dad? That is awesome! My dad mows lawns really well...