Not Even Dick Clark Parties Like We Do

Well happy 2009 Interpeeps! Here’s hoping you made it through your New Year’s Eve celebrations intact. Tony and I had a roaring good time ringing in the New Year. He went to bed at 9:30 and snored his way into 2009. I stayed awake by watching about 50 DVR’ed episodes of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel. (Did you know that bamboo can grow through a person!?! Or at least ballistics gel dummies that have the same consistency of a person. Either way, it takes about 4 days and looks extremely painful).

I did haul myself out of bed and over to the window to watch the fireworks that went off all around the neighborhood at midnight. That was nice. Very festive. Tony woke up right as the last ones were fading, so I jumped on the bed to wish him a Happy New Year. He, in turn, wished me a happy “murph-yearm” as he rolled over and recommenced snoring.

We are such party animals.

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tootie said...

Ha! We've been watching lots of Mythbusters lately, too. (I blame Husband.)

It was sad when I realized that we've already seen most of the episodes!