You Gotta Dance Like Nobody's Watching

I tried a new class at the gym today. I was feeling a little too predictable in the old workout routine, so I popped in for a new class. Officially, the class description says it combines "movements and concepts from yoga, tae-kwon do, aikido, Jazz, and modern dance". Sounded like something that might be fun, so I gave it a try.

If you'll recall from my last dance class attempt(s), I am completely unable to remember even the simplest of steps. They exit my short term memory approximately one nanosecond after the instructor finishes demonstrating them. The class goes right, I go left. Every. single. time. I compensate for this complete lack of talent by breaking out of confines of these traditional routines and instead expressing myself through my own uniquely inspired movements. (Or as it is also sometimes known, faking a seizure).

I was afraid it was going to be the same way in this class, but it turns out that this class was heavy on the "modern dance" part of the program, and it was ALL interpretive. The instructor shouted out basic ideas and steps, but it was up to us to "make it our own". I pretended to sway like seaweed, float like a balloon, reach for the sun, shoot an arrow, rock a baby, claw like a large cat, jump through the bushes like a hunter, and bound around like a gazelle.

And let me tell you, you haven't seen true dancing until you've seen me bust out my gazelle move. It was unique to say the least.

The teacher would throw turns and sways in there every so often which would make her part look more like actual dance and less like flailing against invisible attackers, but I stayed pretty true to my form, even going as far as to incorporate facial expressions and realistic growling.

What can I say? I'm a slave to the art.

Actually, once you get past the little voice in your head that keeps informing you how incredibly stupid you look with all the spinning and jumping and growling, it was really pretty fun. Not to mention a good workout. I broke a pretty decent sweat somewhere between the sacrificial volcano dance and being a jungle cat. The music stayed pretty lively, and it was easy (even for me!) to follow the beat. It was just the thing I needed to break out of the workout monotony. I think I'll add it to my regular gym repertoire.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go practice being seaweed.


tootie said...

That sounds like a fun class! I've never been able to remember any of the steps (which is why I've sworn off step aerobics), but this class sounded like a good one!

And now you've left me wondering what being seaweed would look like... :)

Erin said...

And I chickened out of using a drop-in pass at the gym yesterday to use the treadmill because the thought of running in the same room as other people made me break into a nervous twitch. I think creative dance would possibly put me over the edge. :) Good for you and now I wish you would videotape it so we could see this amazing jungle cat and seaweed!!!

Uncommon Blonde said...

Too bad you don't have a video of yourself doing this - sounds hysterical! I would be way to scared of what people were thinking to do this but I think it's great that you went for it:)