Up To My Eyeballs In Warm Fuzzies

Have I mentioned lately that I love you guys? Because I do. You're sweet and thoughtful and filled to the brim with encouragement, and you make me feel like I can do anything. You're the Snoopy to my Woodstock, the Bonnie to my Clyde, the Batman to my Robbin.

(Okay, maybe not Batman and Robbin, because I'm not completely sure that a grown man and a teen aged boy running around the city wearing tights really constitutes a healthy relationship, but you get the idea).

I'm still not positive that a living can be made as a "professional" blogger, but your kind words at least gave me the courage to think about it. Maybe it'll work. Maybe it won't. But like you said, nothing ventured, nothing gained. So I thank you for your positivity (a word I made up) towards my blogability (another word I made up) as a career option.

And if you are rethinking your encouragement after a sentence like that, I don't blame you.

For anyone else who is kicking around the idea of freelance corporate blogging (which, seriously, would be the coolest job IN. THE. WORLD), I recommend reading The Corporate Blogging Book by Debbie Weil. Mucho awesome book. I am learning so much that I may just read it a second and third time. And then we'll see what happens.