These Are The Questions For the Ages

Here's a question for you: How come when I had a job and went to work, it was my fondest wish to be one of those people who stayed home all day, but now when I stay home all day, all I really want is to get out of the house and work again? Is it just one of those "grass is always greener" cases?

Because the boredom? It has definitely set in.

And while at first I thought that nothing would be more fun than lounging around the house all day, reading cheesy romance novels and stuffing my face with Oreos diligently searching for a job, the truth is that I am lost without a purpose. A boat without a rudder. A tourist without a map. Richard Simmons without a group of fat people.

I loathe to admit to you just how bad the boredom has gotten, but yesterday? I reorganized my closet. AND ENJOYED IT. Not because I like organizing closets (far, far from it) but because it gave me something to do for an hour.

I then spent a second hour pondering what is says about me when I discovered that 99% of my shirts are ribbed solids. See what I mean?
The bottom shelf contains ribbed (or cable knit) solid colored sweaters. The second shelf is ribbed solid long sleeved shirts, including (but not limited to) approximately 4,000 turtlenecks. The third shelf contains ribbed solid tops with three-quarter length sleeves, and the top shelf contained solid ribbed short-sleeved and sleeveless tops. Oh, and if you look very closely at the top shelf, there are two shirts that have swirly prints.

Obviously, I've fallen into a bit of a clothing rut. I had no idea that I was basically buying the same tops over and over. I must remedy this immediately. After all, what kind of person needs TWO swirly print shirts?


Erin said...

bwahaha! Time to shop my dear. That's what us stay-at-homers do to eliminate boredom :) Much to my husband's chagrin! And I spend time taking up fabulously expensive hobbies that I never finish. Also a great past time.

Tater Mama said...

Oh, I got such a kick out of this one!

Jean said...

That was funny... yes you must remedy that crazy swirly shirt thing immediately. 2 swirly shirts is far to many.
I have to admit that it probably is a grass is greener thing. I'm kind of in the same boat but at least I've got some kiddos to make the time pass.

tootie said...

I laughed because I can definitely relate.

I'm definitely into solids (and ribbed turtlenecks), and my closet is proof of it! I always think I should branch out, but I don't know what else to buy.