That "Windy City" Thing? Totally True.

It's day three of my Chicago pilgrimage. The weather is kind of blah today, so we've been taking it easy. (Which is kind of a shame because I totally picked today to be dressed in the cuteness. And when I'm wearing the cuteness, I want to be out and about so that other people can see and appreciate it. 'Cause I'm just thoughtful like that). But I'm getting ahead of myself. First we must go back to the beginning.

10:00am- I wake up. Like I said, it was totally overcast and rainy today, so I slept in. It's just that kind of day.

10:20am- Despite the 100% humidity, the Seester wants to play hair salon and straighten my hair. I like the look of my hair straight but am usually too lazy to do it myself, so I agree. See my cuteness?

11:55am- We head to Rockit for brunch. I have the biscuits and gravy, Seester has the waffles, and Seester's hubby (who will henceforth be called "Stubby" for simplicity's sake) had the fruit and granola. (I tried to get a picture of Stubby looking fierce over his manly-man granola, but it turns out that he is unable to keep from smiling when confronted with a camera. Oh well).
1:05pm- We leave brunch and pop over to the furniture store where Seester saw the couch yesterday. Stubby doesn't hate it, so Operation Sweet New Couch moves into the next stage.

1:52pm- Arrive back home. Seester is laying out possible furniture placement on graph paper. Stubby is playing some kind of Batman video game (Batman seems to have some anger issues). I am flipping through the new issue of Southern Living. (The Chocolate mousse pie recipe looks promising. Earmark that one).

3:56pm- Some of the Seester's pals have invited us over for a get-together tonight, so she and I head to the grocery store for football party fixins'. (Question: If you use all beef franks for pigs in a blanket, are they still "pigs"? Would they not be tiny cows in a blanket? Discuss amongst yourself and get back to me).

5:41pm- Leave for Sam and Abby's house. This "get-together" sound suspiciously like a party, which I am completely against, but Seester promises that it will be just a low key watching of the football game.

6:10pm- Abby does not hear us buzzing to get in the door, so we stand out in the cold and freeze for a few minutes. Seester unsuccessfully tosses rocks at the window. Finally, the second floor neighbor takes pity on us and lets us in.

6:20pm- Turns out that this really is a casual get-together, and despite a few moments of discomfort where I immediately forget all the names of the people who were just introduced to me (Mike? Mark? Max?), I find myself relaxing. The room is unanimously cheering for the Saints, and Farve endures increasing abuse from us as the night goes on. The game is nail-bitingly close, and I am shocked to report that I stayed enthralled with it all evening (usually I am bored by half time). I credit my undivided attention to the close score and snarky comments about the players by all those present (I appreciate quality snark). Oh, and the cows in a blanket, which were delicious. Naturally.

7:03pm- Also? Garlic Triscuits and feta cheese. So tasty! (And so funky on the breath!) Still worth it though. I ate roughly 50 bazillion. NomNomNom!

8:20pm- Abby has an interesting ability for influencing the game. She'd say, "You know what? I think the Vikings should fumble the ball now" AND THEY WOULD! Or she'd say, "I think the Saints should catch an interception" AND THEY WOULD! I wanted to drag her out to buy lotto tickets immediately.

10:14pm- Game over. Return home. The Seester and Stubby have to work tomorrow, so they call it a night. I research the best routes to take for my solo adventures tomorrow. Mass transit kinda gives me the heebie-jeebies (I seem to attract the psychos for some reason), but the forecast tomorrow is a high of 34 with snow showers so lots of walking is probably out. However for you, kind reader, I will brave both the weather and the nutcases. We're going cultural tomorrow so stay tuned!