Hey Now, You're A Rock Star!

ooooooh lookie! I won an award! Natalie at It's a Wonderfully Crazy Life has blessed me with the Rockstar Award! (To say that I am excited is a wee understatement...I'm endzone dancing around the kitchen in my bathrobe, high-fiving my imaginary friends and scaring the cats with my insane cheering. Mental note to get out more...)

And now, without further ado, I shall accept this honor by obeying the award's rule where I must hereby list all of the reasons that I am, in fact, a rock star.

1. I'm easy-going. None of that over-the-top drama queen garbage for me. It takes a lot to get me going. I'm laid back, going with the flow. Not too happy, not too sad. Just cruisin'. (This may sound like the opposite of most rock stars, but I say they could learn a thing or two from me).

2. I'm dependable. If I say I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it. It may not be on the time-schedule you expected, but it will get done.

3. I'm worth the wait. You wouldn't know it from the way that I just blather on to strangers on the Internet, but I'm actually a pretty private person. I don't say 99% of the things that I'm thinking. However, if you're one of the few people who manages to wait long enough to breach the inner circle, you'll never have a more loyal friend. Plus you get exclusive access to the inside of my head, which I've been told is a bit like falling down the rabbit hole. (You decide if that's a good thing or not).

4. I appreciate a dry sense of humor. If you can do it with a completely straight face, bonus points to you. Don't worry if nobody else gets it...I appreciate the joke, and I'll laugh right along with you.

5. I can lick my own elbow. There's an email going around that this is impossible, but I am definitive proof that it is not. (Take a moment now to try there anyone else who can join me up here on my lonely elbow-licking pedestal?)

6. I'm pretty handy. Reroofed my own porch? Check. Installed all the ceiling fans? That was me. Some assembly required? Bring it on. I have a knack for seeing the process that takes me from point A to point B, so getting there is never any problem, whether it was building a deck, laying hardwood floors, tiling the kitchen, or building my own entertainment center. If it wasn't for all the math classes, I would have been an awesome engineer. As it is, I'm just project savvy.

7. I can appreciate the small things. A good book, a sunny day, a catchy song on the radio, flowers in the garden...I never take them for granted. I make it a point to take a moment and just enjoy the happiness that the little things bring.

8. I'm quirky...what more can you ask for?

Now, who else is a blog rock star? I can certainly think of a few. In no particular order:

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Rock on, my rock star sistas!


erin said...

thank you, thank you! i will post this proudly! (and you've given me something to post about...phew)

you ARE a rockstar!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Thank you! I've always wanted to be a rockstar.

I enjoyed your list of reasons you're a rockstar.

As aside: We have a lot in common, I think. :)

Natalie said...

I always knew you rocked.. even way back when.

And just so you know, I totally just tried the elbow thing. And I can't do it.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey Quirky, thanks for commenting on my SCL post today. I'm glad to see you appreciate a dry sense of humor. I dabble a little in the deadpan humor...

Hope to see you around again on the blogs!

danielle said...

Hey girl! Thanks so much for this award! Hopefully I'll find time in my rockstar life to actually BLOG tonight. Gah! It's really sad when you don't even have time for your own self-obsessed blog, yeah?

SpaceCase said...

Finally had a chance to post about this. Thanks so much for the award! Yay, blog rock stars!