The Happy Things List

I was going to do a rant over the freezing cold and annoyingly wet snow that has descended over my fair city, but then I figured that I could just sum it all up in these grammatically incorrect words: The cold, I likes it not.

Instead, I am choosing to take a page out of BooMama's book and list some random things that make me happy. (Notice that snow is not one of them). I figure that you can read my list, and maybe even BooMama's list, and then you can tell me what makes your list so that we may all bask in our happy thoughts together. (Although I'm telling you now, if snow is one of your things, you are officially no longer my friend).

(Okay, just kidding. You're still my friend...just my friend who is obviously insane).

(Or possibly just able to maintain a higher core temperature than I am, in which case I am jealous).

(This is a lot of parentheses...better add those to my list).

Okay, here goes. Things that make me happy:

Any day over 75 degrees (yeah you heard me, crappy snow!)
A cat asleep in my lap
spring flowers
thunderstorms with lots of lightning
the colors blue and green and purple
comfort food (bonus points for anything smothered in gravy)
a well-written book, blog, or article
happy endings
an unapologetic overuse of parenthesis (told you!)
sleeping in
my parents
my sister
blog comments (not that I'm fishing or anything. Okay, maybe just a little)
the way the library smells
blue skies with white puffy clouds
hydrangea bushes
bodies of water (be it the ocean, lake, river, pond, fountain or bird bath).
a new project
home improvement stores
laying in the hammock
the sound of lawn mowers
a bargain
Japanese Hibachi food
old friends
the smell of fresh sawdust
music you can sing along with
dancing (although not necessarily well)
grape slushies from Sonic in the summer
going barefoot
long soaks in the tub

So that's...35 things that make me happy. Are any of these on your list? Or did you come up with something completely different? Let me know. Despite old man winter making a mess outside my window, making this list has put me in a pretty good mood. If you add yours, I may just be able to make it to the spring thaw.