The 700 Club

Guess what? This is my 700th post! (And you people are still here! That shocks and amazes me!) 700 entire posts of the serious, the mundane, the comical, the ordinary, and the individual little moments that make up my life.

Who would have thunk it?

You know, the infamous "they" say that bloggers are just digital voyeurs. They say that my generation feels the need to constantly draw attention to themselves by scrupulously recording every single thought and emotion and event that happens to them and sharing it with the world. They say we blog because we are whiny and emotionally needy.

"They" don't get it at all.

What you guys are are friends. Maybe friends that I've never physically met, or friends that live far away, but you're still friends. And blogs are just letters, telling my friends about my day, and finding out about yours in return. It's a community. My community. Of my friends.

So I want to thank you, my beloveds. Thank you for reading and commenting and sharing your lives with me. Thanks for the encouragement and the validation, and the laughs, and the thought-provoking messages that we share. I am a better person for getting to share with you, and having you share with me. Thanks for being there through 700 talks.