It's Thursday, So Of Course It's Random

Ready for some randomness? You have come to the right place!

I'm seriously jonesing for some Chic-fil-a right now. Enough that I may even change out of my morning blog reading robe and actually put on enough clothes that they'll let me in the door. And yes, I'm sure there's plenty of stuff to eat here at the house that would 1) be cheaper and 2) be healthier and 3) not require a full wardrobe change, but I'm really leaning towards the "I don't care" camp. The chic-fil-a, it calls to me.

Mama needs some chicken with extra pickle on a buttered bun goodness.


Didn't I hear somewhere that pregnancy is supposed to clear up your skin and make your complexion look great? I seem to recall hearing that somewhere. (Or else I just made it up and convinced myself that I heard it somewhere else. Whichever). Either way, I'm not seeing it. In fact, I have two very lovely flashing red beacons that have just decided to time-share on my forehead. (Of COURSE you want to know about my blemishes! This kind of over-sharing is what the internet was made for!) Anyway, they're about an inch apart, and smack-dab in the middle of my head, so it looks very much like I was out stomping through the jungle with Bear Grylls and took a snake bite right between the eyes. It's a very peculiar look, and one that I'm hoping will catch on. "What? You're still doing Botox? You simply MUST try rattlesnake poison, dah-ling! One bite and wrinkles will be the least of your worries!"


Did you hear how Frito-lay is ditching the noisy Sun Chips bag? So many people complained that the company is going back to the old planet-choking bag for 5 of the 6 flavors. Only the original flavor will still be in the bio-degradable noisemakers. (Because only people who like the original want to save the planet?) Now, I admit that the crinkles were annoying and that Tony has officially banned my eating Sun chips in bed (although that may have been more about the crumbs than the noisy bag), but really? The ability to eat chips quietly trumps ecological stewardship? I have a feeling this is the kind of thing that future generations will look back on and roll their eyes about. "Yes, we live in a giant landfill now, but at least granddad was able to eat his chip quietly!" Sun chips should have made the noise a selling point, a "Crinkle for the Cause" if you will. Let everyone within a 100 mile radius know that you love the planet (and Sun Chips)! There could be bumper stickers: I crinkle because I care.


I'm thinking about cutting my hair. It is a very bad idea and I know it, but I'm thinking about it anyway. Just something to shake things up a bit, for I have been in what feels like an eternal ponytail rut. The problem is short hair does not work for me (my natural curl needs the weight to force it into submission…otherwise I end up with a little orphan Annie style ‘fro). But even though I KNOW I’m going to regret it, I’m still itching for a change. It is the siren call of sassy hair.


Alright, my lovelies (I threw that in just for you Nicole-may you be spiritual enough to accept it), the randomness has been fun but I must depart. There is cat food to purchase and stamps to procure. (And maybe some chic-fil-a in between...gotta keep my strength up, you know). It is an ever exciting life I lead.