What Football, Zombies and Jungle Babies Have in Common

Wooboy, what a weekend! Our weekends seem to gravitate to either "we sat on the couch like sloths and did not move for 48 hours" or "we ran around doing all kinds of stuff every moment of the day until Monday rolled around and we needed a weekend to recover from the weekend".

(We're extremists. What can I say?)

This weekend I went with option number 2. My oldest and bestest buddy Nicole came in to visit, and having her in is always a hoot. I've known her since the 7th grade or so, and she was my college roommate freshman year, and even though we only get to see each other 4 or 5 times a year now, she's one of those friends where you can just pick up again where you left off without missing a beat. Those kinds of friends are worth their weight in gold.

Anyway, Nicole came in and we laughed and chatted and ate chili and I took her to Walmart, because that's just how rock star I am. (Come visit me, and I'll show you a time you'll never forget...buying a gallon of milk and some bar soap at the local walmart!) Actually, shopping with someone else (even for the mundane) turns out to be pretty entertaining. Nicole and I were standing in the middle of the aisle, sniffing body wash to find the best smelling soap for Tony (you know how you do), and I almost died laughing when Nicole sniffed too close to the bottle and got body wash all over her nose. Of course then I immediately squeezed my bottle too hard and ended up with a soap bubble up my nostril too, but what would have been a little embarrassing alone was absolutely hysterical with a friend. Plus we both were able to spend the rest of the day with our faces smelling like Dove soap for Men. (Whatever floats your boat, right?)

After walmart we headed down to Market Square for the world record attempt of having the most people dancing to Thriller at one time. I never pass up an attempt to dance like a zombie if I can possibly help it, and Nicole admitted that this has always been a life goal for her also, so of course we had to attend. When we arrived, there was a square full of zombies industriously learning the steps to the Thriller dance. Big zombies, little zombies, Grandma zombies, 4 year old zombies, bride zombies, boy band zombies, gruesome zombies and adorable zombies. Even dog zombies. They also had a booth set up where they would paint on your zombie makeup for you, and all around us I kept hearing snatches of conversation like, "I brought some extra boils...would you like some?" and "Here. Some of your bloody wound has smeared. I have some extra blood right here...let me touch that up for you". It was a hoot and a half to watch. Unfortunately, the website I checked said that the dance was at 5pm, but when we arrived at 5, they had changed the time to 7pm. (Bummer zombie). 5:00 we could have done, but the UT game was set to kick off at 7pm, so sadly we were not able to partake in the official zombie festival. (Oh, but definitely next year!) Still, we were able to stand around and watch the practice dancing for a while, and Nicole did accidentally get some zombie blood on her hand, so all was not lost.
After scouting out the undead, we headed down to the stadium to witness our beloved Volunteers take on Alabama. And while we were under no illusions about who was going to win (Alabama being ranked number 7 and Tennessee being ranked...well, in a rebuilding year), we still had a really good time. We had excellent seats, and our boys played well for the first half, so there really was something to cheer about even if we got thoroughly trounced in the second half. (In fact, we cheered so much that my throat is still a little sore today). All in all, it was fun being back there together again and cheering for the old alma mater. And win or lose, 105,000 screaming fans in orange is something to behold. (Besides, just you wait SEC. We may have a team full of inexperienced freshmen this year, but in another year or two (or three), we'll be someone to contend with once again).

On Sunday, Nicole headed back to her homestead for some annual quality Pumpkin Patch time with her son, and Tony and I dismantled the guest bed (for at least the next four or five years anyway) to make room for the crib and various other baby paraphernalia. The guest room has officially become the nursery. Guests are still welcome, of course, but you'll be sleeping on an air bed or the couch from now on (or at least until I have an epiphany and find a way to stash guests in the office or laundry room). I'm thinking maybe a murphy bed somewhere. We'll see how that works out.

Anyway, the nursery is A.DOR.A.BLE. The crib is beautiful, and we're doing a Jungle Babies theme. (I'll do a separate post on a nursery tour so that you can see several pictures). My mom did all the sewing, so she made absolutely every Jungle Babies thing in the room. (Mom is awesome. She's like, master seamstress. She's been sewing all night for weeks now, and she did everything from crib sheets to the diaper stacker to decopaged knobs for the drawers. Trust me, I'll show you, and you will be BLOWN AWAY). It's my favorite room in the house now.

So that was my weekend. Walmart, Zombies, Football, Jungle Babies. It felt a lot busier than it sounds, but it was also a lot more fun. I always enjoy a weekend where I spend most of my waking hours laughing. How was your weekend?