What's In A Name?

Ever since finding out that we're having a baby girl, Tony and I have been on the hunt for possible names. Prior to this week, we hadn't really thought about girl names at all. (Not because we wanted a boy more, or didn't want a girl, but for some reason we automatically agreed on boy names. Girl names have just been a little harder). He said "eh" to 99% of my name suggestions, and I scrunched up my face to 99% of his. We went through baby name websites. We watched movie credits to look for possible names. Family members threw out suggestions.

Turns out that giving someone a moniker that they'll keep for the rest of their lives is HARD.

We have a couple of rules, too. No being named after exes, and no names of any pets that we know. (My mother, immediately after finding out it was a girl, suggested the name of her Yorkie. "Well sweetie, you were named after the family dog". Like that wouldn't cost me in therapy later).

There have been some surprises too. Tony and I were leaning towards the name Sydney, but when we mentioned it to the family, it turned out that my grandfather had a crazy aunt with that name. (I say crazy because apparently she stabbed her husband with a butcher knife. No one is sure if Uncle Stan had it coming or not, but nonetheless, that basically guaranteed that Sydney was out).

New rule: In addition to exes and pets, our daughter will not be named after any homicidal relatives.

So the hunt continues. Long names, short names, common names, unique names, Biblical or contemporary. It's a very important decision. Names shape your personality. (You ever met an outgoing guy named Herbert?) I want a name that will fit her. One that rolls pleasantly off the tongue. One that she's not ashamed of, or that kids can rhyme with something insulting, or that makes initials that spell something stupid. I want one that is common enough that people have heard before so she's not having to constantly correct people's pronunciation, but at the same time, I don't want her to be one of four girls in her class with the exact same name.

So we search, and trade lists of ones we like, and practice yelling them from one end of the house to the other. Good thing we still have several months to find the perfect one for her.

I'm curious. How'd you get your name? (I'm named after a girl my mother babysat when she was 12. She liked the name, so she gave it to me when I came along). Do you like your name? Do you use a nickname? Or go by your middle name? What's your name story, Interpeeps?