Birth of a Blog

I have long held the belief that too many people blog, and the vast majority are incredibly boring. Because of this, I have, up until this moment, resisted becoming one of the minions to share my worthless dribble with the masses.

That was the case right up until I discovered that I am obviously brilliant. Apparently, my dear sister (who is currently attending Hah-vard Law school, learning all the industrious ways to sell her soul to the devil) has been selflessly sharing my daily emails to her with all of her friends, AND they love hearing all about the insignificant details of my day. I figure if the Harvard law school students think that I am fascinatingly witty, then it must be true. Besides, that was just the push my ego needed to think that the whole world might be interested in what I have to say.

So welcome happy blog-readers! Welcome to my little slice of the internet. If you find the content lacking, just remember that I have several dedicated Hah-vard Law readers that love it, and they are obviously the smart people.