Stepher's project

Stepher, the brilliant Hah-vard Law school sister, is going to teach the law to 7th graders as some kind of pro bono project that she has to do for class. (This is Hah-vard's way of infiltrating and infecting the minds of our young so that they too will yearn to grow up without a soul).

Unfortunately for Stepher, the 7th graders already know why lawyers are important to society. It's to convince the judge to try you in juvie for knocking off the convenience store. And in the event that you do get time, the lawyers are the only ones who can send you mail that can't be read by the warden, so you can use that to put the hit out on one of your homies on the outside.

Here's my opinion on the matter (and since it's my blog, mine is the opinion that counts. If however, you agree with my opinion, then I'll let your opinion count also). 7th graders are dangerous little monsters. I was one once, and I remember. I think their interpretation of the law should be that if they so much as thinking about doing something wrong, then the 7th grader ends up in jail. That would be beneficial to them. 7th grader buys some drugs? Boom! Sentenced to jail. 7th grader skips school? Goes to jail. Talks back to mom? Jail. Copies homework? Jail. Sits directly behind me in a theatre and giggles on a FREAKIN CELL PHONE through the entire movie? Jail, and then lethal injection. That's what 7th graders need to know about law. And if one of the little smart mouths says otherwise, tell him that "It's not what 150 years of precedent says, it's how the LAW SHOULD BE".