Banana Pudding Cake Update

Banana update: I was feeling kinda bad about not knowing that Tony thinks he hates bananas yesterday, especially since the cake is just sitting there, tormenting him, so I stopped by Kroger on the way home to get him some Valentine's cupcakes. I got 6 chocolate cake ones, and 6 vanilla ones, just in case he thinks he hates one of those. So I get home and put the cupcakes down and notice that a large portion of the banana cake is no longer there. Hmmmm. This is very strange, since the only person in the house all day is a self-proclaimed banana hater. So I ask him if he ate the cake, and he gets all sheepish and says yes. He quickly adds that it's still yucky, but in a half-hearted way. Because it's Valentines Day Eve, and we're getting ready to go to my favorite restaurant, I let it go, but I cannot help smirking. The outspoken banana hater has a secret love of banana after all.