THE OLYMPICS ARE ON! THE OLYMPICS ARE ON! I am so excited. (Yes, I know, I am one of maybe 20 people who are watching it this year.) I do NOT understand why other people don't find the Olympics as exciting as I do. Our little 21 year old downhill skier guy who has never placed higher than 32nd before, and is the newcomer to a team of strong veterans WON the gold last night in a phenomenal run! His Mom cried, his Dad cried, he cried, (I cried), and his teammates hoisted him up on their shoulders and paraded around with him while he cried. Or, how about our guy who won the 500M speed skating Gold on the 13th anniversary of his grandmother's death, because before the race he wrote her name on the front of his skate with a marker, and when he started to get tired, he remembered that and pushed to get Grandma across the finish line first? You can't BUY TV that exciting! I'm watching curling, and I don't even know what the object of the game is. I just know that those little broom sweepers are really excited, so I am too. And don't even get me started on how much I love Snowboard Cross! Not that it's all fun and games. (Well, it is all games, but not always fun). Last night in the men's short program figure skating, Weir(d) was an absolute idiot. The guy named his glove on his costume! When he won Silver, the camera zoomed in on him and he did this ridiculous little shoulder wiggle and dance. I'm embarrassed that he's representing our country. I'm starting a campaign to officially give him to France. I really wanted the Austrian to win. He did an incredible skate, but he caught his foot on his other skate going into a jump and it tripped him up. Poor guy.