Can you hear me now? Oops!

Here's something that just makes my day. I dropped the cell phone in the toilet.
It was hooked to my belt, and as I undid the buckle, the phone when Zip! off the belt and Sploosh! into the toilet. I fished it out (luckily the water was clean...well as clean as toilet water gets anyway) and blow dried it, and it never quit working, so I thanked my lucky stars and continued on my merry way. Two days later, it shows message that says "Service required". I called my helpful Sprint people, and they said that a diagnostic would need to be run, and to take it to the local Sprint store. I took it to the Sprint store, and they told me that the cost for the diagnostic was $35, OR I could buy a warranty plan for my phone, in which case all diagnostics would be free. The Warranty plan just happens to also cost $35. So I buy the warranty plan, fork over my $35, and the result of the diagnostic is "Hmmm. Water got inside your phone. It's broken". (And for this I paid $35? Brief stomping and cursing). Fine. Fix it. "Ohhhhh no" they say "the warranty covers everything EXCEPT water damage. There's no fixing this phone. You'll have to buy a new one". (More stomping and cursing). All my pictures that I had one there? Gone. All my phone contacts? Gone. Much gnashing of teeth on that day. But in the end, I got the buggers back. I refused to buy their overpriced replacement phones! I just went back to using my old blue one that I had previously. Works just the same, jut no picture taking capability. Meanwhile, there's a new phone on ebay with computer link up capability, so it's kinds like a palm pilot and phone in one. Tony says I don't need something that fancy, but maybe...